Friday, January 17, 2014

New Opportunity on the Horizon

I was contacted recently about showing some of my pots in an exhibit space in one of the buildings downtown. I am not going to say anything more until I know more and when, but I am meeting on Saturday to hopefully send the work off to be displayed. This would not be a selling opportunity (an honorarium will be paid instead), but my business cards will be displayed along with the work and the public will be able to contact me directly regarding purchase if they want. Once I know when the exhibit will be up and running, I will post the info. This is my new(ish) business card for lack of any pottery pictures worth posting...

This is the front

and this is the back


  1. I discovered your blog by googling for glazes recipes, cause I'm also a ceramist. I find it very interesting because the question of going on with my teaching work both making ceramics comes often to me, but I understand you didn't really have the choise to devote to ceramics only. I'm also curious to learn about how does ceramics work so far away from France, where it is still the "poor parent" of Art. (sorry for my english, learning foreign langages isn't a great facility for us either). I wish you a better year than 2013, with less water ! Isabelle G.

    1. I meant "great ability" facility is a false friend in translation ! Isabelle.