Wednesday, May 4, 2011

YouTube videos and other stuff

2 down, one more to go. I have 1 spring sale left, and then it is time to start filling the galleries and getting ready for the fall.
I have been busy making pots for a paper clay kiln firing near the end of May, we just need to wait for the weather to get a little warmer so that all the snow in brag creek melts and that the ground dries up but before the monsoons and fire bans begin. We are always a little at the mercy of the weather here. You never know if it will be wet and miserable or so hot and dry that you can't eve BBQ due to fire bans.
Ever the optimist, I have thrown a lot of pots in anticipation of this firing. They now all have a shiny terra sig on them, and I have finished bisquing most of them. They are mostly bottles and covered vessels
Here are a couple of the shapes, but don't have any terra sig applied yet.

I have also created a section on the right that shows all of my YouTube videos, so check them out if you like.

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