Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good grief Charlie Brown, it sure has been a while since I have posted anything.
Oh well, better late than never.
Well, since my last post in February, the studio installed 2 new kilns, both electric. It was way too expensive to Install the old gas kiln from the last place. It sure has been a steep learning curve gettng used to firing to cone 6 in oxiatiion.
The studio had it's bianual sale on June 13 th and all things considered ("world economic crisis", new glazes to get used to etc), we didn't do too bad.
I have taken up paintng, and meet once a month with a few other potters that paint to have some fun and fool around with colour and texture. I will have to post pictures of what I'm up to once I get around to it.
The Calgary Clay Arts Association and Ceramics Canada put on a one day workshop with Katrina Chaytor on June 14th. It was fantastic and even though she hand builds all her work, I think I can incorporate
some of her ideas into my own thrown work.
I have less than a month to submit my piece to the CCAA's juried show in September. The show is titled "goodness gracious...Great Bowls of Fire". If I can ever get around to photographing it that is.
The CCAA is finally having a propped sale this fall. It will be held at the bearspaw community centre on November 1st. I think I will be busy throwing pots from now until then. I may have a go at repeat ware like bowls, mugs and plates. It won't be the majority but it will help fill the table.

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