Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's been two weeks since I last posted an entry, and a little bit has happened since then.The Art Market opportunity for the CCAA did not happen. Probably for various reasons such as not enough notice. I only got a couple of replies, and that would not have been enough people.Second, the Centennial Gallery will be moving its location in August. Our current location is in a section of the Palliser Square that will be undergoing radical renovations. The space they are in now is going to become escalators. So...we will be moving down the hall to a smaller space, but one that hopefully will allow for more off the street foot traffic. The only really big issue with the space right now is that in order to maintain our current level of rent (ie: really really cheap), the management will not be responsible for much in the way of renovations or getting the space ready for us to move in. The big problem that we are facing is that the last tenant was a jewelry store / diamond cutting school, and they did a midnight run and took all the keys to the space. When we finally got in there to have a looks, it was discovered that there were 15 concrete pillars that the diamond cutting machines were mounted on, and then behind that, there are the same number of concrete posts for what purpose I have no idea. So, we have to find a way to remove these GD pillars and posts, without it costing too much. Personally, I think that is our main concern, and the other renos are cosmetic at the most, ie: washing walls, carpet cleaning, painting, lighting etc. This work can be done by members, or the on site electrician (donated to us by the management). The pillars need to be contracted out to a cutting and coring company. The funny thing is that this has to be done in July, as the space is directly over Vertigo theatre, and they are currently closed, but will begin rehearsals during the day in August, and we can't make any noise.
Thirdly, I will be in the last group show for Centennial (no group shows after we move, due to lack of space), only individual shows. The show will be running from July 18-Aug 15, and the Official Opening is July 20th noon to 3pm.
Lastly, I may, if Dave chooses to pick me, be his studio tech/cleaner. In exchange, I would get free classes, a private(ish) studio space, a reduction in firing fees, and 24/7 access.

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